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New Youtube channel...

It´s December! Yes, the decorations are already up in our house - I love this time of year! Rehearsals for our own Christmas Cantata at school are hotting up, and the Christmas frenzy has officially started!

So this week's adventure was embarking on the first steps of the Youtube world! Yes - "Join the Chorus" is now on Youtube- starting small, but growing steadily. So far, there are 2 videos uploaded of lyric videos to 2 of the songs from The Christmas Story (A cantata for young voices and choirs), but don´t worry - the others will be coming soon!

If you are curious for a sneeky peek - check it out by following this link.

In other news- Fuzzy Wuzzy Caterpillar (A springtime musical play for Key Stage 1) is gathering speed! Check out the Key Stage 1 page for a sneeky preview! I had so much fun with this song and it is the first time I have really experimented with 12-bar blues - especially with our youngest singers in mind - but I think they will have a blast rocking out this tune!

Til next time,

Happy singing everyone! xx

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