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Evolving Playalongs on You Tube

It's been a while since I have added anything to this site, but behind the scenes, life has been throwing me some challenges. I have started in a new school this September, which has given me a great opportunity to reflect on what I want to "keep" in my Music teaching tool bag, what needs improvement, and what just needs to be thrown out.

I am a fan of rhythm Playalongs on YouTube - they are a fantastic starter, a great tool for rhythm performing and listening, and they are visually engaging for all ages - there are some very talented creators out there! I have recently been trying to think of ways to incorporate the idea of rhythm Playalongs into something a bit more challenging for the older students. When I saw a fellow teacher comment on the World Cup 2022 song, I skipped on over to YouTube to have a look. Loved the song, immediately thought that it might engage the fottballing boys of Year 7, but could not find it anywhere in an accessible key. So, this morning, I created a playalong (in A Minor) for Hayya Hayya (Better Together). I have tried out some new ideas that I haven't done before... if you are reading this blog and have had a go at using the video, I would love your feedback! Evolving and adapting our resources that work is a necessary part of what we do, and I feel lucky that it is also creative and fun to do!

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