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The new Easter musical play is here! The adorable Fuzzy Wuzzy Caterpillar thinks he is at his end - his legs won´t walk, his heart won´t sing and he doesn´t think he will make it to another Spring. But Springtime has faith! She asks all her friends to help her make Out Doors beautiful for when Fuzzy Wuzzy comes back. Everyone is there to help - the Long Green Grasses, the Patient Trees, the Laughing Brook and the Sleepy Roots. They all work together to make Out Doors beautiful but nobody can find Fuzzy Wuzzy....

Suddenly a stranger arrives.

No-one recognises him until Springtime realised that your looks may change, but you are still the same person inside!

A wonderful story - download the vocal guide tracks, the backing tracks and the script all together when you get the album as a FREE DOWNLOAD! Just go to the Ages 5-9 page to download your free copy.

Happy singing from your soul!


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