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Free Downloads are now here!

It´s January - a time of new beginnings, new challenges and new experiences. I have been spring cleaning lots of areas in my life and today was the day to tackle the website! I have now created download buttons for the music and backing tracks for the songs on the Key Stage 2 page!

The BEST news about this, though, is that one of the songs is absolutely free! "One Day, One Choir" is a song that I wrote for the lovely and talented children of Key Stage 2 in my school. We were celebrating World Peace Day on September 21st last year by joining the global initiative "One Day, One Choir". If you haven´t come across it, it is an amazing initiative created to bring communities together to raise their voices (literally) for peace around the world. Over a million people took part, and hopefully even more will join in next year.

This song was inspired by the work they do and I would really encourage you to follow the link, join up, download the music and sing for Peace in September. Now, I know that September seems like ages away - "Christmas has only just finished!" I hear you cry! But you know - you can never be too planned ahead! Don´t worry, I will remind you again nearer the time!

But for now - go ahead and download the "One Day, One Choir" bundle - it includes a vocal guide track, a backing track and a simple vocal score too! Happy singing, everyone!

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