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And it´s live!

Hi there! If you are reading this, then WELCOME to my website! Let me tell you a bit about myself first. My name is Lou and I´m a primary school teacher with a love of all things musical. I´ve spent years helping my lovely enthusiastic classes perform wonderful songs and plays written by other people but recently, I have taken on a new challenge...

With my musical background, my experience in school, and my brain bursting with ideas, I set about writing for the kids in my school. It turned out to be pretty successful, so I want to share what I do with anyone else out there who is looking for songs for these age groups.

It´s a pretty exciting time for me as sharing my passion for teaching kids and music with the world is a new thing, and I am hoping that this website will be evolving and growing continually.

So, what´s going on?

Well, the project of the moment is a short production for Key Stage 1 for Easter /Springtime. It is a musical play (there will be 8 songs when it is finished( all about a fuzzy wuzzy caterpillar who sings the blues!

So far, we have 5 songs completed, so we are OVER HALF WAY! A great reason to celebrate as this means it could be up on the website before Christmas!

In my next blog, I will post some of the songs that we have in the pipeline already.

Remember - please contact me (button above) if you would like to purchase songs and backing tracks.

See you soon!

Lou x

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Nov 23, 2018

Love it!👍


Nov 23, 2018


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