The Christmas Story

A Cantata of 6 songs for young voices


Vocal guides to help you learn the songs.


Backing tracks for performance.


All performance rights to perform the cantata within your school setting.


Optional script for narrations between each song.

The Christmas Story is a Cantata of six songs that tell the story of the nativity. Each song has it´s own unique flavour and there are opportunities for solos, harmonies and counterpoint melodies bringing a musical variety that will wow your audiences!

Song 1 - Welcome to the Christmas Story - Introduces the performance and sets the scene.

Song 2 - Mary, don´t be afraid - Tells the story of the Angel Gabriel appearing to Mary and telling her about her baby boy.

Song 3 - The Long Journey - this follows the journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem all the way to the birth of baby Jesus.

Song 4 - Great News! An upbeat calypso swing brings the angels to the shepherds with good news!

Song 5 - Three Kings - brings the wise men through their journey to Bethlehem with their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Song 6 - A Christmas Celebration - brings elements of the different songs together in a celebration of Christmas past, present and future!

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