One World Worship

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Mark Your Calendar!  Sunday, January 4, 2015 

One Million Voices Singing Hallelujah!

There are so many ungodly agendas being promoted around the world today. We have been compelled to gather a group of Christian, believers around the globe to sing in unity - Hallelujah.

Can you just imagine how it will please God to have one million voices singing hallelujah?

As worshippers, we have but one agenda... to glorify God... it is the agenda we are compelled to promote. We pray that you will join us.

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When will you be singing?

 Washington, DC US 10:00am

London, England - 3:00pm

Vienna, Austria - 4:00pm

Beijing, China - 10:00pm

Jerusalem, Israel - 5:00pm

Tijuana, Mexico - 5:00pm 

Montreal, Canada - 10:00am

Abuja, Nigeria - 3:00pm

Lima, Peru - 9:00am

Moscow, Russia - 6:00pm

Houston, Texas US - 9:00am

Los Angeles, California US - 7:00am

Barcelona, Spain - 4:00pm